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Rait - The Spa

Rait Spa is named in reverence to the sand and pays homage to the setting, the sea of rait upon which it has been fashioned.

The Rait Spa is conceptualised using a plume of history and fashioned on native wisdom and lore; built on the sifting yet regenerating rait, indeed the sands of both tradition and modern insight. Our treatments are designed to deliver radiance, healing and a quiet sense of inner and outer wellbeing


Thoughtfully intended to reflect elements of this indigenous desert culture and its healing traditions.

Drawing on the essence of intoxicating aromas of the world’s most exotic elixirs and oils, the treatments are designed to deliver radiance, healing and a sense of tranquility.

We give utmost care to your privacy and comfort; don’t be surprised if you feel like coming back for more. Our rooms are thoughtfully laid out — take your pick from our regeneration room for salt therapy, two couple suites, two single therapy rooms, and one reflection room where you could come to meditate, relax, or well, just reflect!

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Rooms are specially designed to suit the palate of our discerning guests. Warm and comfortable the accommodation offer a taste of times past but are fitted with all modern conveniences. Roomy and cozy they look out on to wide verandahs and turrets reminiscent of authentic palace architecture.