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When your soul searches for nourishment, the universe answers with wonder. One such place is the elemental Thar Desert, a place of freedom and of discovery with a calming silence around, and the starry heavens above.

And Suryagarh is our lens through which the magic of the Thar unfurls; a fabled world that is sparse yet holds remarkable splendour, where the frugality of its resources offers the greatest richness.

This is our home, now your home, both humble and extraordinary, with its secret stories of land and tribe, a place where fantasy and reality are intertwined. Here, we do not serve we share the gifts bestowed upon us and we do it with a lightness of spirit; with play and joy because it is the only way we know.

Popularly known as ‘The Golden City', the ancient and deeply historic city of Jaisalmer is located west of the capital city of Rajasthan and is a world heritage site.

Built entirely out of the local honey coloured sandstone as a fortification against marauders in the 12th century, the origin of Jaisalmer can be traced back to the Rajput chieftain Rawal Jaisal, who set the foundations of the fort [Jaisalmer = ‘hill fort of Jaisal’], in this strategic and challenging location. From the 17th century onwards, the city prospered, initially protected against shifting sands and feudal buglers by a steep ring of giant stone ramparts as it became a coveted stronghold on the lucrative silk route leading from China across north India and onto the west. 

Today Jaisalmer is a lively hub, and an entry point to the Thar - the Great Indian Desert, from where one can trek across beautiful stretches of sand, go on adventurous safaris deep into the desert, or paradoxically, enjoy picnics by oases and hidden lakes surrounded by shady groves.

Social Entrepreneurship

'I love Jaisalmer' is an alliance of local people who come together to solve systematic problems of their communities by crowd-pooling intent and resources.

By synthesizing heritage, human potential, and technology, we attempt to bring self-sufficiency to communities without costing them their identities or environments. So far, we have worked on cultural and ecological conservation, strengthening tourism ecosystems, and community empowerment through education, entrepreneurship, and equality.


Whispers of the Thar

Embrace the gold-tinted stories from Suryagarh, while you give in to the whispers of the Thar.

A Splendid Summer

Embark on a balmy new season as we envelop you in the stories from Suryagarh, amidst the most heartwarming experiences.


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